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BBC wildlife

Deze foto is in februari 2006 gemaakt in Brazilie bij de Iguazu watervallen.

Met deze foto heb ik bij de BBC Photographer of the Year competion een derde prijs gewonnen (highly commended) in de cathegorie "Wild Places".

Deze fotowedstrijd is wereldwijd de belangrijkste natuur fotowedstrijd. Er zijn per jaar meer dan 20.000 inzendingen vanuit de hele wereld.
Van de winnende foto's is ieder jaar een expositie in het Museon in Den Haag.

This picture was made in februari 2006 in Brazil.

The glare off the water on a hot February day made it difficult to photograph these spectacular falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. But then the weather suddenly changed – "lots of wind and a gloriously inky sky preceding rain. With such a contrast between sky and water, " says Jan, "you could at last begin to appreciate the scale and wildness of the place. The thunderous roar was deafening." After an hour of dramatic thunderstorm , "the sky cleared and the oppressive heat returned," he adds. These falls have spray that, in the right conditions, can reach heights of 90m (300 feet) as the river plunges into the chasm known as the Devil’s Throat. Iguaçu comes from an Indian word meaning "great water", and today these 2.5km- (1.6-mile) wide falls have been honoured with UNESCO World Heritage status.

Nikon D2x nikon 12 mm

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